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As a safe and responsible user of ICT I will help keep myself and other people safe by following these ruless a safe and responsible user of ICT I will help keep myself and other people safe by following these rules:

Rules To Help Keep Linwood North School Students Cybersafe

  1. I cannot use school ICT equipment until my parent(s) and I have signed my use agreement form (see last page) and the completed form has been returned to school.
  2. I can only use the computers and other school ICT equipment for my schoolwork.
  3. If I am unsure whether I am allowed to do something involving ICT, I will ask the teacher first.
  4. If I have my own user name, I will log on only with that user name. I will not allow anyone else to use my user name.
  5. I will not tell anyone else my password.
  6. I can only go online or access the Internet at school when a teacher gives permission and an adult is present.
  7. I understand that I must not, at any time, use the Internet, email, mobile phones or any ICT equipment to be mean, rude, offensive, or to bully, harass, or in any way harm anyone else connected to our school, or the school itself, even if it is meant as a ‘joke’.
  8. While at school, I will not:
    • Attempt to search for things online I know are not acceptable at our school. This could include anything that is rude or violent or uses unacceptable language such as swearing
    • Make any attempt to get around, or bypass, security, monitoring and filtering that is in place at our school.
  9. If I find anything that upsets me, is mean or rude, or things I know are not acceptable at our school, I will:
    • Not show others
    • Click on the ‘Hector Safety Button’ or turn off the screen and
    • Get a teacher straight away
  10. I understand that I must not download or copy any files such as music, videos, games or programmes without the permission of a teacher. This is to ensure we are following copyright laws.
  11. I must have a letter from home and permission from school before I bring any ICT equipment/device from home. This includes things like mobile phones, iPods, games, cameras, and USB drives.
  12. I will not connect any device (such as a USB drive, camera or phone) to school ICT or run any software, without a teacher’s permission. This includes all wireless technologies.
  13. The school cybersafety rules apply to any ICT brought to school like a mobile phone.
  14. I will ask my teacher’s permission before giving out any personal information online. I will also get permission from any other person involved.Personal information includes:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Phone numbers
    • Photos.
  15. I will respect all school lCT and will treat all ICT equipment/devices with care. This includes:
    • Not intentionally disrupting the smooth running of any school ICT systems
    • Not attempting to hack or gain unauthorised access to any system
    • Following all school cybersafety rules, and not joining in if other students choose to be irresponsible with ICT
    • Reporting any breakages/damage to a staff member.
  16. I understand that if I break these rules, the school may need to inform my parents. In serious cases the school may take disciplinary action against me. I also understand that my family may be charged for repair costs.
Kids if you see something that upsets you, just click on this button that is on the computer screen and tell your teacher.
Click the picture above to learn about Cyber Safety!


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