Whanau Zone

 There are many opportunities at Linwood North School for parents, caregivers and whanau to support their tamariki.

Home Learning

Home Learning requirements will vary with the age, class and needs of the child, within each Learning team. Generally Literacy and Numeracy will be reinforced daily, research will be encouraged and students will be required to develop healthy interests in inquiring and reading for pleasure. The Senior Learning team have a home learning Challenge each term for your to enjoy supporting your child to complete as a family. Our Team Leaders and Class Teachers will inform you of the requirements of Home Learning through their regular newsletters.

Please be positive and supportive with any home learning efforts and feel free to discuss any problems with the class teacher.

Reading Together Workshops

Reading Together is a wonderful programme to help parents support their children’s reading at home.  The programme enables parents to learn amazing ways to help with Reading and other Home Learning activities.  The programme also helps build positive relationships between children, parents/whanau, teachers and community libraries.
The programme consists of four workshops spread over seven weeks.  Each workshop is approximately one and a half hours long.

“Reading Together” is no longer a chore but an enjoyable time together.”

“I feel useful now I know how to help.”

“A good experience to join the programme, very helpful.”