Back to School ~ Whītau School

Dear Parents

Wishing you all a very happy 2019. It is wonderful that many parents are keen to be organised for the start of the school year. At the end of last year, every family received a 'Welcome to Whītau School Booklet'; which contained all of the information you require for the start of 2019. We have added this booklet on the school website for you.

School Uniform
Now the Whītau School logo has been approved by the BOT, Schooltex have commenced the process to create the logo for our polo shirts, sweat shirts, polar fleeces and sun hats. Meanwhile, our current LNS logo uniform is still available at the Warehouse. Please note that the only change to the Whītau School uniform school will be the actual logo and school name underneath. Your children can still proudly wear their LNS logo uniform in 2019 and beyond. We have uniform tops to borrow from the School Office if your child requires one. All students will be required to wear plain black footwear and black or white socks daily.

Start of School
School starts with a Meet the Teacher Learning Conference day on Monday 28 January from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Please book your interview on The booking code is bszj7
All children start school on Tuesday 29 January at 9am.

School Stationery Packs 
These are $35.00 and can be purchased from Monday 28 January.Our School Office opens from 8.30 - 3.30pm daily from next Monday 21 January from all inquiries and enrolments.

Sandra Smith JP