Pre Entry Programme

We believe
  • In making the pre-school child's transition from home to school as smooth as possible.
  • By following these guidelines we are encouraging a happy, confident start to school for both the child and parent/guardian.


  1. The pre-school child will be encouraged to attend school on Tuesday mornings for 4 sessions, with a parent, before their fifth birthday.
  2. On enrolment, the time spent at school will increase to a four hour day.  (9am - 2pm).  This will be maintained until the child is able to cope with a longer period of time at school.  
  3. During a pre-school visit, parents will receive a 'New Entrant' pack from the teacher, including a stationery list.  The health card must be filled in and returned to school.
  4. When children have been in attendance for one month, they are assessed, and this information (along with other written notes and observations) is used to make the first comments in their Student Achievement Portfolio.
  5. We plan and teach a well-balanced curriculum, but the main thrust for new entrants is Oral Language, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, social skills and routines.
  6. We always aim to be as positive as possible, with guidelines that are clear, but firm. 
Children find security and happiness in a well organised, busy environment.