Māori and Pasifika

All classes receive lessons in Maori language and culture as part of the curriculum.  All Junior Team and Senior team children participate in weekly Specialist Kapahaka and Pasifika sessions during our Thursday afternoon school cultural afternoons.
We offer specialist Kapa Haka and Pasifika Culture Groups at school.  We encourage all students to join these groups as they offer opportunities for leadership, team-building and cultural understanding and learning. 
Since the earthquakes, due to our smaller school roll, we have almagamated the two groups to form one larger Culture Group. We work together and support each other as we learn our routines and perform. This move has been an amazing success and has led to a much greater understanding of all the cultures throughout the school.
Whītau School at the Christchurch Schools Cultural Festival 2019
We are working really hard getting prepared for the Cultural Festival on September 6th at the CBS Arena. Everyone is a bit nervous but excited as well!